Nalwa College of Education was born out of a dream of an ideal thinker and practical man Shri Hari Singh Nalwa, its founder Managing Trustee who is dedicated to the cause of Education.

Panipat has dominated the history of India since long. Many decisive battles fought here established the dynasties. Now the battles to fight against illiteracy, and ignorance will be fought on the grounds of Nalwa Group of Institutions. This group will persevere to contribute its might to the national main stream.

 With these aims and objects in mind, sincere at heart for the rising of the people, ambitious, devoted and dedicated Mr. Hari Singh Nalwa formed the Hari Singh Nalwa Trust which is registered u/s 12-A of the Income Tax Act 1961 and decided to establish educational institutions to help the public and the Government in Building the National Character by imparting Spiritual, Moral and social education with firm secular base so that our children may grow men of character and useful citizens imbuded with a sense of duty and devoted selfless service. The Trust is already running Nalwa Lovely Public School which today is the glory of Panipat and the chief glory of Haryana in particular and India as a whole. It is no more an institution, it is a Philosophy of Education, a mirror of intellectual excellence a flowering of intelligence, a fruition of knowledge, a model of discipline and dedication and a fountain of inspiration for hard work. The School & College are situated at Ujah, Panipat, District panipat Haryana at a distance of three kilometers from Panipat. It is truly “a garden of faith and delight in which the young-ones will be nurtured and reared by the love and care of teachers and parents and abundant goodwill and benevolence from the larger society.” The institutions will build the moral fibre of its pupils and produce citizens of a strong character to serve India with devotion and courage of conviction.


P R E A M B L E : To eradicate illiteracy from amongst the general public and to eradicate the curse of communalism castism from the minds of the people and to create a generation free from such feelings.

  1.  To establish educational institutions from Nusery up to the highest standard of learnings.
  2. To promote physical, mental and moral development of children by providing healthy & congenial environment in which they may imbibe a spirit of regards to humanity, service to the country and ultimately to the mankind.
  3. To endeavour for the eradication of problems like unemployment, corruption and other social evils from the general public and society as a whole and for this purpose to establish coaching centres and other institutions.
  4. To give proper education to the ruralite children in particular
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